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La Victoire Cross-Training

Welcome to La Victoire Cross-Training, your choice for a healthy lifestyle at any age and skill level. Our gym is about community and commitment. It’s about setting goals that you think aren’t possible, working hard towards achieving them, leaning on coaches when you feel you can’t do it anymore, and celebrating your successes with new friends.

Join us for challenging x-training workouts, gymnastics classes, boot camps, yoga, and specialized cross-training sessions for kids. As a member of the La Victoire community you will be led by head coach PSG, an accomplished athlete and a seasoned coach, who will guide you through your transformation and nurture that inner spark that brought you here in the first place. La Victoire, where you set goals and achieve them.

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  • Cross-Training WODs
  • Gymnastics
  • Specialized Performance Classes
  • PSG Fit Circuit
  • Weightlifting
  • Open Gym
  • Yoga
  • Cross-Training for Kids

Schedule (Summer 2020)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:45 Crosstraining Crosstraining Crosstraining Bootcamp Crosstraining
9:00 Crosstraining Crosstraining Crosstraining Bootcamp Crosstraining Crosstraining/
Bootcamp *
10:00 Crosstraining/
Bootcamp *
11:00 Adaptative
12:00 Bootcamp Express Bootcamp Express Bootcamp Express Bootcamp Express Bootcamp Express
15:45 Crosstraining Crosstraining Crosstraining Bootcamp Crosstraining
17:00 Crosstraining Bootcamp Crosstraining Bootcamp Bootcamp
18:30 Bootcamp Crosstraining Bootcamp Bootcamp

* If weather allows, the class will take place outside at 9am at the beach of the Des Cèdres Park (Gatineau, Aylmer Sector)

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Simon Buteau & Phil Scheire

Head Coach, Owner

Coach Phil has been our coach since we started cross-training. His commitment, dedication, and hard work have helped us to remain committed and to enjoy our regular sessions. He pushes us but also keeps us within our limits. He is also the center of a growing and supportive cross-training community that is welcoming of seniors such as ourselves. We are encouraged by his decision to open his own gym and we will be happy to follow him to the new location.

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Guests Welcome
Any Open Class
Boot Camp
Special Low Price
Circuit Classes Only
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Includes Kids Classes
Students & Seniors
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150 Chemin Freeman, #6, Gatineau, QC
(819) 661-5750
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